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The Netherlands has everything it needs to become the leading ecosystem for drug development.

Netherlands attractive
for drug development


The biopharmaceutical sector in figures

The biopharmaceutical sector is the most promising growth sector of the Dutch economy. There is a vibrant ecosystem with biopharmaceutical companies, knowledge institutions, universities and hospitals present in a small area.

Dutch companies and science are international leaders and an important pillar of the Dutch knowledge economy.

All in all, the Netherlands has all the ingredients to become Europe’s leading ecosystem in the field of drug development.

Source: Boston by the North Sea, VIG, 2021

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The Netherlands
as a medicine hub


Exports of pharmaceuticals
are higher than cheese,
flowers and meat combined

The Netherlands exported over €30 billion worth of medicines in 2020. That is more than the total export value of cheese, meat and flowers, for which the Netherlands is internationally renowned. The total value of medicine exports is 4.5 times higher than the Netherlands’ expenditure on medicines. Medicines are therefore an important export product of the Netherlands.

In terms of logistics and production, much comes together in the Netherlands: from processing, fil-and-finish, assembling, packaging and labeling to storage, transshipment and transport by road, sea or air.

A key driver is the Netherlands’ leading position in the field of smart logistics. Its central location in Europe and strong logistics links via air, road and sea make the Netherlands a medicine hub for Europe and other parts of the world.

Source: CBS, Statline – international trade; import and export value, SITC (3 digits), countries, 2022/p>

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Innovation as a
driver of the economy


Investments in research and development
as a percentage of net sales

In the fight against rheumatism, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, great progress has been made in recent decades. But big and small steps are also being made in other disease areas. A future is now emerging in which chronic and deadly diseases can be treated better.

Drug companies contribute to this by investing in research and development. This requires large-scale and structural investments, which are not always successful.

Investments in research and development are also a key driver of economic growth. The sector thus provides thousands of jobs and generates billions of euros in export value. It also strengthens scientific knowledge of physicians and researchers. Knowledge that can also be used as a basis for new business activity

Source: EU industrial R&D investment scoreboard 2021, European Commission

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World-class patient care


Netherlands in European lead
group for clinical research

The Netherlands is among the European top in clinical research and possesses a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of drug development. This is partly due to the well-organized and centralized care in the Netherlands.

Clinical research is essential in drug development. Patients are given the opportunity to participate in research on new innovative treatments. Healthcare providers are the first to use and gain experience from new treatments. In addition, clinical research contributes to the economy in the form of employment and investments in research and development.

Source: Rode Biotech in Vlaanderen, Roland Berger, 2020

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“I would not be alive without innovation”

Elles has polyposis and would probably not live without a stoma.


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