Who we are

Marco Frenken, President

The Dutch Association Innovative Medicines stands for a healthy future. We represent over 40 innovative drug companies focused on research and development of new medicines. Together, we work on solutions to make people better and increase the quality of life. We are making the medicines for tomorrow, to treat diseases that until now have been difficult or impossible to treat.

The Dutch healthcare system is among the best in the world, but the corona crisis has shown that improvement is possible to maintain this for the future. We want to preserve and strengthen the excellent healthcare by making agreements and work together with all partners in healthcare. Together with patients, physicians and researchers, among others, we are committed to the availability of safe and high-quality medicines.

The Netherlands wants to be a global leader in Life Sciences & Health. We share this ambition and contribute to this every day. By investing in innovations and a favorable research climate. In doing so, we seek the right balance between societal interests and business results. We strive for added value for all parties in the healthcare chain. The members of the Association therefore also have a great societal responsibility. It is our responsibility to continue to develop innovative treatments and to keep them available for patients.

Societal Code

It is our responsibility to continue to develop innovative treatments in concert with others and to keep them available to patients. Therefore, since January 1 2020, the Dutch innovative medicines sector has a societal Code that clarifies the principles on which the sector works and what the sector stands for.

The Code contains 40 agreements on integrity, transparency, societal responsibility and quality. All pharmaceutical companies that are members of the Association Innovative Medicines have signed the Code. The Code is the basis from which we want to commit ourselves to optimal collaboration with all stakeholders in healthcare.

The agreements in the Code are not without obligation. An independent advisory board monitors whether members comply with the Code. In this way, the VIG can hold individual members accountable for their actions, with the ultimate consequence, if timely compliance is not achieved, removal as a member of the Association. In doing so, the industry underscores its societal responsibility. This is how we work towards a better Dutch healthcare system and a healthy future for all of us.

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  • Our conduct is open, reliable and responsible
  • High-quality information for patients and stakeholders
  • We represent interests with honest and reliable information
  • We refrain from exercising undesirable influence
  • All of our medical information is checked by an academic institution
  • We have access to compliance programs
  • We abide to the rules of fair market behavior and distance ourselves from anticompetitive actions


  • Open about information that touches on patient safety
  • Employees always divulge that they are working for a pharmaceutical company
  • We register clinical studies initiated by us in the Netherlands in a public trial register
  • When we collaborate with third parties in clinical research we enter into an agreement in advance
  • Publication of research results
  • Transparency in financial relationships
  • Annual publication of R&D expenditures
  • Insight into outcome of treatments (harmonisation of data registers)
  • Support the predictability of expenditures on medicines
  • Meticulous and open procurement process

Societal Responsibility

  • Mission and vision on societal responsibility
  • Constant dialogue with stakeholders
  • We provide due consideration to social interests
  • We account for our societal policy
  • Sustainable availability of medicines
  • We seet to it that there is an inspiring, challenging and safe working environment
  • We devote efforts to making the pharmaceutical sector sustainable
  • Respect for the right to privacy
  • Support projects designed to improve healthcare
  • Participate in societal projects
  • We want to ensure societal acceptance of our medicines through responsible prices


  • High quality and safety criteria
  • Patient-oriented care
  • We involve patients for the purpose of improving the quality of our medicines
  • We contribute to keeping treatment guidelines of professional organizations current
  • Research into medicines based on international standards
  • We produce our medicines in accordance with ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’.
  • We distribute our products according to ‘Good Distribution Practices’.
  • Promote the monitoring and reporting of side effects of medicines
  • Our companies have a complaints handling procedure
  • We promote the proper use of medicines and combat falsification
  • We invest in professional business operations
  • Continuously invest in treatment improvement and innovation


The Association Innovative Medicines is committed to better health. We believe it is important that medicines are produced, marketed and used in a socially responsible manner.

You can’t make sustainability a reality on your own. Together with other parties in healthcare, we are working to create a sustainable pharmacy supply chain, from the development, production, distribution, prescription and use of medicines, to waste disposal and water purification. The sector takes responsibility for the sustainable production, distribution and deployment of medicines with the best possible effects on health. Within this framework, the sector contributes to minimizing the effects on the environment.

Toward a sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain

Source: Inspiratiegids Op weg naar een duurzame farmacieketen, Coalitie Duurzame Farmacie, 2020

Download infographic:  PDF | JPG

Coalition for Sustainable Pharmaceuticals

The Association, together with BOGIN, Neprofarm and KNMP, founded the Coalition Sustainable Pharmacy in 2019. From the Coalition we work jointly on the objectives of the Green Deal Sustainable Care.

Green Deal Sustainable Care

Healthcare institutions, governments and companies have made agreements in the Green Deal Sustainable Care for a Healthy Future. The pharmaceutical sector has also signed up to this. The starting point is and remains that medicines must remain accessible to everyone who needs them.

Green Deal sustainable care

Source: Milieuplatformzorg.nl/green-deal, 2020

Download infographic:  PDF | JPG

The Green Deal is committed to four pillars:

    1. Reducing CO2 emissions
    2. Circular and socially responsible work
    3. Reducing drug residues in surface water, ditches and rivers
    4. Working to create a healthy working and living environment for patients and healthcare staff.


Reducing medication waste

Reducing wastage starts with preventing medicines from being stockpiled or dispensed unnecessarily. The Coalition for Sustainable Pharmacy will publish the toolkit ‘Don’t Waste a Pill’ at the beginning of the year 2022, describing how all partners in the chain can contribute and explaining how they are also dependent on each other. In addition, within the Coalition, the Association has delivered a feasibility study on the possibilities of reissuing medicines.

Chain approach to medical residues removal from water

The Chain Approach to Medical Residues Removal from Water, a collaboration between the government, the pharmaceutical sector and the (drinking) water sector, looks not only at the back end – water purification – of the chain, but also at all the other links in the chain. Opportunities on the source side to reduce drug residues in water. The unique collaboration within the Chain Approach in the Netherlands has not gone unnoticed. In July 2021, the United Nations nominated the Chain Approach for The Future Policy Award on the Protection from Hazardous Chemicals within its Environmental Program.

Sector plan for sustainable packaging

In total, approximately 417 million packages are used for medicines in the Netherlands each year. The Sector Plan focuses on reducing the amount of packaging material and optimizing the types of materials used.


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